Details on “Ghost People”

Martyn – “Ghost People”

“Ghost People”, Martyn's second album and his first on Brainfeeder, will be out in October. According to the Dutch producer, it's a record that is less intimate than his debut. Whilst the first album was a reflection of his experiences and personal feelings, this second one is a tribute to all the DJs who - far from the flashes and the fame - do their job driven only by the passion of sharing the music they love. We suppose that the album title is dedicated to these heroes; nameless people who improve our lives from the DJ booths of bars and clubs all over the world. With regards to the sound, Martyn once again offers up an eclectic mix - from dubstep and funky, to house and techno. The sleeve art is by visual artist Erosie, a regular collaborator of the Dutchman - on both his releases and on stage. The release is slated for 8th October and before that, as an appetiser, there will be a 12” called “Masks / Vipe”, featuring a collaboration with The Spaceape on one of the tracks.

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