Martyn + Mike Slott

Premiering ?Collabs?

MartynIrish label All City Records, who have been responsible in the recent past for the release of highly recommendable editions like “7x7 Beat” (seven 7”s dedicated to spreading the work of seven young European beat makers) and “LA” (a series of splits on album format, aimed at feeling the pulse of the emerging talents on the booming L.A. beat scene), is about to launch a new collection whose title explains it all: “Collabs”. Dutch Martyn and errant Irishman Mike Slott have been chosen to inaugurate this new series of 12”s that will provide us with the results of different collaborations between the label’s favourite producers. In waiting for more details about future releases, we can at least confirm the first volume of the series will hit stores on 11th October.

Martyn & Mike Slott - “Collabs 1 EP”A. All NightsB. Pointing FingersMike Slott - Gardening Martyn - Far Away

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