Mark E

Stone Breaker

Mark E - “Stone Breaker” Mark E will be releasing his first album, “ Stone Breaker”, on 17th May via Spectral Sound. The British musician (from Birmingham via Wolverhampton) has been releasing a string of singles, remixes and edits for quite a few years now, making him one of the great luminaries of disco-drenched slow house. Many of those efforts were compiled last year on two volumes of Works 2005 -2009 Selected Tracks & Edits. But what was missing was the album that would establish his vision for real. And now it’s here. Recorded during some extremely inspired weeks last summer and, according to the man himself, representing the logical progression, in terms of attitude and sound, of someone who passes his days locked up in a studio. The album will feature nine tracks that go from the comforting, jazzy sounds of “ Black Moon” to the steamy quality of his characteristically hot tracks (“ Black Country Saga” and “ Quatro”, for example), tunes of various forms that all share have Mark E’s martial sense of rhythm. There will be two formats: vinyl and CD, with the vinyl also including a CD copy.

Mark E - Plastic People (MEdit)

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