Mark McGuire

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Mark McGuireFollowing the steps of his band, Mark Daniel McGuire Jr., central element in that team of neo- kosmische aural explorers called Emeralds, has recently signed for Editions Mego. After the recent “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”of the Ohio trio, the Viennese label announces the release of “Living with Yourself” early October. The album, a “magnificent selection of modern guitar songs”, is the result of several years of reflection and mental construction, which last year finally turned into seven month of on-and-off recording. McGuire, a hyper-prolific man with about thirty releases to his name, on cassette and CD-R (a few of which were recently released on vinyl), insists on his personal blog that for him, this is his first real album. If you wish to pre-order, click here. Mark McGuire - “Living with Yourself”01. The Vast Structure Of Recollection 02. Around The Old Neighbourhood 03. Clouds Rolling In 04. Brain Storm (for Erin) 05. Two Different People 06. Moving Apart 07. Clear The Cobwebs 08. Brothers (for Matt)

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