Mark McGuire (Emeralds)

New record in September

The extent of output from the Emeralds camp is almost too much for the regular music consumer. Guitarist Mark McGuire, has had 30 releases out since 2007 - including cassettes, CD-Rs and LPs - and the list is still growing. In the wake of his compilation “A Young Person's Guide to Mark McGuire” (Editions Mego, 2011) and his recent album with Trouble Books ( “Trouble Books & Mark McGuire”, on Bark and Hiss/Wagon), the Ohio artist has just finished a new solo album, to be released at the end of September. “Get Lost” contains six sonic explorations - with acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and synths - recorded between June 2010 and July 2011 in Westlake (Ohio) and Portland (Oregon). Recently, the musician talked to Exclaim! about the title and sound of the album: “I feel that it's a title that can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and I like to do that with the titles and imagery in my music. I think when the album comes out, it will kind of unfold like a story. Kind of like how 'Living With Yourself' (Editions Mego, 2010) did. But I can't really say exactly what that's going to mean yet.” Although he initially wanted to release the LP in the summer because of its “summery sound”, it will be out on 27th September, on Editions Mego. Mark McGuire - Get Lost - Get Lost (editions mego) by pdis_inpartmaint

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