Mark McGuire (Emeralds)

A Young Persons Guide

Peter Rehberg and his Editions Mego crew are, beyond anything else, fans of the music they release, and of their artists. So it’s only natural that their signing of Emeralds brings with it a whole series of reissues (the vinyl of “What Happened”, originally released by No Fun) and releases (the celebrated “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”, and “Living with Yourself”, the first album for the label of their guitarist, Mark McGuire) related to the Ohio threesome. The next item to add to the list will be “A Young Persons Guide”, a double compilation album that should serve as an introduction, a guide to and a compendium of the solo work of McGuire, extremely prolific creator who, at 24, has around thirty releases out –most of them on cassette or CD-R, though several of them have recently been reissued on vinyl–, and all of them made in the last five years. “A Young Persons Guide” will officially be released on 2nd May. If you want to pre-order it, follow this link to the Mego website.

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