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Mark FellA month ago, SND announced an ultra-limited released. As with everything put out by the DS:93 label, his “Vandyk-k Integ Paradise” would only have 93 copies (the EP sold out very shortly after the news was dropped). This new “Multistability”, however, will be more accessible. Mark Fell’s latest album, which he shares with Mat Steel, who’s responsible for SND’s rhythm architecture and binary explorations bordering on glitch, will hit stores via Raster-Noton on 7th December.

As with “Ten Types of Elsewhere” (Line, 2004), an album inspired by topology, Fell’s second album focuses again on the conceptual: as it’s own title indicates, “Multistability” centres on the concept of multistability (a property inherent to systems which are neither stable nor instable), an idea that, according to Gestalt psychology, manifests itself visually through the presence of two or more separate images with distinct meanings in the same complex shape or graphic pattern, which the observer can perceive alternately as he/she wishes. According to the press release, “Multistability” is " split into two halves" and " contains two versions of itself”, two images resulting from “ primarily an exploration of erratic and non-regular rhythmic patterns…combining meticulous synthetic chordal layering with convoluted, chaotic yet fundamentally engaging temporal structures.”

Mark Fell - “Multistability”01. Multistability 1-A 02. Multistability 2-A 03. Multistability 3 04. Multistability 5-A 05. Multistability 6-A 06. Multistability 7-A 07. Multistability 2-AA 08. Multistability 10-A / Multistability 11 09. Multistability 1-B 10. Multistability 2-B 11. Multistability 4 12. Multistability 5-B 13. Multistability 6-B 14. Multistability 7-B 15. Multistability 9 16. Multistability 10-B 17. Multistability 12

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