Marcus Fjellström

Turntable of shadows

Marcus FjellströmWithout hurrying, and by making his selections carefully, Svarte Greiner keeps Miasmah a must-see brand for those who interested in drone, new psychedelica and the neo-classical school with hauntological tendencies. After the highly recommendable FNS album, the Norwegian imprint is putting the finishing touch to the September release of Schattenspieler, the third album of Swedish Marcus Fjellström, composer of classical forms and multimedia artist whose previous works, Exercises In Estrangement (2005) and Gebrauchsmusik (2006), both published by Lampse, have already earned him much praise. Always halfway between modern classic composition, acoustic drone and electronic manipulation, “Schattenspieler” (which means “Shadowplayer”, a “shadow touching” device) comes in the form of eleven compositions that explore the limits between melody and atmosphere, between texture and silence, combining synthetic timbres and orchestral constructions which virtually always appear buried in shadows, hidden between cloaks of percussion and oppressive, doom-like noise. The album will be available from 13th September. Marcus Fjellström - “Schattenspieler”01. The Disjointed02. Bis Einer Weint03. Antichrist Architecture Management04. Untitled 09061605. Tremolous 06. Monolith & Bunker07. Noir Revisited 08. Perspex09. Liquid Fire10. Tenebrous 11. Uncanny Valleys

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