Major Lazer

Illustrations from their series on Adult Swim

Major Lazer  Adult Swim As some of you might know, Diplo and Switch are preparing a TV series based on the animated characters they invented for the artwork of Major Lazer. Though the premiere date for the series is as of yet unknown, we do know that it will be broadcast on [ adult swim], the emancipated Cartoon Network channel dedicated to “politically incorrect cartoons and sophisticated anime for an adult audience”. Ferry Gouw, the illustrator who created the characters and designed the band’s sleeve art (greatly inspired by the classics of Lee Perry, The Scientist and Mad Professor) will be the creative director of the series, where the episodes will be 15 minutes long each.

The series tells the adventures of Major Lazer, “a renegade commando with a lazer arm and a rocket-powered skateboard, who fights the spoils of vampires, zombies, pimps, mummies, and other unsavory forces of evil.” As far as we could see in the illustrations, he will be joined by a series of picturesque characters, among which the venerable and lunatic Lee “Scratch” Perry and the band’s dancer, Skerrit Bwoy. For now, we don’t know if Diplo and Switch will have their respective animated versions. If you take a look at the two videos after the jump, you’ll get an idea of what it’s going to look like.

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