Magnetic Man

Twisted dubstep pop

Magnetic ManAfter letting us get close to their “I Need Air”, the dubstep super group (although they prefer to call themselves the season’s “coolest pop act” –which implies their intentions- and have already posed for their first NME front cover) comprising Skream, Benga and Artwork, have just given us details about their debut album, which in the end looks like it will be self titled. Apart from Angela Hunte (the Alicia Keys and P. Diddy collaborator who sings on “I Need Air”), neo-soul singer John Legend and garage diva Katy B are among the guests at the rave-pop party of Magnetic Man. The album will be available via Columbia from 4th October. Magnetic Man - “Magnetic Man”01. Sun 02. Fire 03. I Need Air feat. Angela Hunte 04. Anthem 05. Bug, The 06. Ping Pong 07. Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B 08. Mad 09. Boiling Water 10. K Dance 11. Crossover 12. MAGSKIT 13. Karma Crazy 14. Going Nowhere feat. John Legend

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