Debut full-length for M_nus

MagdaHer family moved from Zywiec (Poland) to Texas (USA) in 1984. Two years later, they moved up north and settled definitely in Detroit. There in the Motor City of the mid-90’s, young Magda started Djing while selling records at the Record Time stores on weekdays and attending all kinds of techno raves in her spare time. Her first efforts yielded results when a friend put her in contact with Richie Hawtin, who back then was devoted to his career as Plastikman. Since then, Magda has become a fundamental member of the Minus family.

More experienced in the art of mixing—her dexterity as a DJ is unquestionable—and remixing than that of producing, Magda is now ready to release her first full-length solo album. As they did with her efforts as the third vortex in Run Stop Restore (the project she shares with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce) and with her contribution to Fabric’s mix-CD series (she is responsible for “Fabric 49”), Minus has confirmed the arrival of “From the Fallen Page”, a debut about which little is known as of yet. As we gathered from the few promotional lines available, the album is full of bass sound and has been conceived as if it were a score inspired by post-punk and dark disco sounds. It will hit the stores on 22nd October.

Magda - “From the Fallen Page” 01. Get Down Goblin 02. Your Love Attack 03. Breakout 04. Entertainment 05. Lost In Time 06. Little Bad Habits 07. Doom Disco 08. Music Box 09. Distance To Nowhere 10. Japan


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