A embryonic collaboration

MadlibFor Otis Jackson Jr., aka Madlib, aka The Beat Konducta, the label “workaholic” doesn’t take it far enough. His Madlib Medicine Show(new Madlib-related releases, every month for a year: mixtapes, beat tapes, collaborations, and his own albums) won’t conclude for another few months, but news is already reaching us which promise a new and fruitful association. In the Spring, Madlib performed in Munich with Christian Burchard and other musicians from Embryo. The veteran band with a changing line-up dates from the German krautrock scene of the early 70’s, although the band’s style has evolved over time to integrate ethnic rhythms and timbres to their experimental rock with prog-rock overtones. It seems like those first jams were good for both parties because Stones Throw has confirmed there are new sessions arranged, to be released in October, which could yield more than one album.

In Peanut Butter Wolf’s words: “What will unfold is anyone's guess - but given that Madlib has made it clear that he already has recorded two albums' worth of music from the jam sessions alone - and is planning an album with Bajka based around music from Embryo's Reise album - this will probably be an event worth travelling for.”

On 13th October, Madlib and Embryo will share stage at the Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. Get your tickets here if you’re in the German capital and would like to attend.


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