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It’s been two and a half years since the bewitching “Saturdays=Youth” (Mute/EMI, 2008) was released. During this period, Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez has made his first foray into soundtrack territory (the score for the film “L'Autre Monde”, to be precise), changed his residence (he now lives in L.A.), and has written a handful of new songs for M83, which he described as “very dreamy, powerful, intense,” in an interview with Pitchfork you can read here.

In the interview, Gonzalez says he has a demo with more than twenty new songs that are ready to be recorded in a studio with the help, again, of Morgan Kibby and bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and also, this time around, some other collaborators, whose names he doesn’t want to reveal just yet. Asked about the orientation of the new songs, Gonzales says, the album is “ very, very, very epic. Very orchestrated. I feel like it's a mix of all my albums, actually. I'm singing much more on this album too, and I'm very happy with my voice right now. I'm turning 30 in December and I feel like I finally know what I'm doing. I'm a bit scared because Saturdays was a bit bright, and maybe people are expecting me to go even brighter on this. But I'm going darker.” A first hint.

If things go according to plan, this new album by M83 should be released at the beginning of Spring. Be patient.


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