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A woman?s wound

Lykke Li

The second full-length recording by Swedish Lykke Li now has an official release date. The album, entitled “Wounded Rhymes”, will be available in stores as of 1st March 2011 via LL Recordings, hew own label. Recorded with the help of Bjorn Yttling (Peter Bjorn & John), the album is to a great extent a new awakening for youthful Li, who somehow lost her emotional balance due to the all attention and commitments that followed the success of her first album.

According to the press release announcing the new album, "Lykke Li - who had spent two solid years touring the world - felt uneasy, unsure of where to go next. She had found it difficult to write since Youth Novels was released, feeling cramped in backstage quarters, airports, dark hotel rooms. After two manic years of every place, person and pleasure on the planet calling for her attention, as well as a failed romance under her belt, Lykke Li found herself in desperate need for a place to lay her head rather than another stage to fill."

Li embarked on a trip in search of tranquillity, peace and inspiration, and ended up in Los Angeles, a city that had always attracted her for it’s contrasts and mysteries. There the chanteuse started writing new songs, more than ten tracks that, apparently, are darker and more straightforward. Lykke, she says, is no longer the 19-year-old who wrote “Youth Novels”. Many have been the experiences lived since then and the Swede, now 24 years of age, comes determined to defend a stronger image and a more confrontational attitude. We’ll have to wait until the end of the Winter to listen to the fruits of the new Lykke.

Lykke Li - “Wounded Rhymes” 01. Youth Knows No Pain 02. I Follow Rivers 03. Love Out of Lust 04. Unrequited Love 05. Get Some 06. Rich Kid Blues 07. Sadness Is a Blessing 08. I Know Places 09. Ladies Love 10. Jerome 11. Silent My Song

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