A definite date for ?Chord?

LukidIn the end, our prediction was correct and that recent mix Lukid released on Brainfeeder was a sign of the arrival of his new album, “Chord”, a hybrid (don’t forget besides eight new tracks, the album features three cuts included on “Foma” (Werk, 2009)) we had been tracking since last Spring, which now has a release date. Werk has scheduled for 11th October the release of the 500 copies of the limited edition “ Chord”, an album for now only available digitally and on triple LP. Fans of Lukid’s transversal beat making stay alert: in October there’ll be a new 12” reference by the Londoner featuring “Boxing Club” and “ Blind Spot”, two low-end techno oriented cuts to be released by a new label called Glum. Lukid - “Chord”

A1. Chord B1. Veto B2. Rags C1. Hair of the Dog C2. Child of the Jago D1. Saddlebags D2. Through Gritted Teeth E1. Lego E2. Spiller F1. Stripes F2. MakeLukid – Chord

Lukid – Hair Of the Dog


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