LukidAbout twelve hours ago, the twitter account of Werk Discs grabbed our attention with this image. There you have it, Luke Blair aka Lukid third album is coming, and this is a reason for celebration is his strange and minimal grooves -which cut across hip-hop, lazy IDM, deep dubstep and wonky beat making- that always being slowed down, with a slightly limp and a certain tense calm. At this moment, we don’t have anymore details apart from the ones you can read on the image: a generic title, “Chord”, and a tracklisting where three of the songs out of the eleven - “Chord”, “ Veto” and “Saddlebags”- are the titled the same as songs from “Foma” (Werk, 2009). Keep an eye on Werk’s blog as more details are on the way. Lukid - “Chord”

A1. Chord B1. Veto B2. Rags C1. Hair of the Dog C2. Child of the Jago D1. Saddlebags D2. Through Gritted Teeth E1. Lego E2. Spiller F1. Stripes F2. Make


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