Luke Abbott

Holkham Drones

Luke AbbottIn the wake of James Holden’s “DJ Kicks” (where we could already hear “Soft Attacks”) news has come over from Border Community HQ regarding the album debut of Norwegian Luke Abbott, one of the new producers attracted to the synthetic retro-future and legacy of Krautrock as ingredients in a blend of new psychedelic electronics with cosmic intentions. According to the press release, Abbott will be releasing an exercise of “danceable” music “rather than dance music”, displaying a sound that doesn’t hide its debt to Kraut and the Kosmische tradition. “Holkham Drones”, as the album is called, will be in shops from 23rd August via Border Community Luke Abbott - “Holkham Drones”01. 2nd 5th Heavy 02. Swansong 03. Whitebox 04. More Room 05. Holkham Drones 05. Trans Forest Alignment 06. Sirens for the Colour 07. Hello Tazelaar 08. Baalnk 09. Brazil 10. Soft Attacks 11. Dumb

Luke Abbott - “Whitebox Stereo”

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