Lower Dens

Better together

Lower DensTheir first songs hit our ears when they arrived almost five years ago with an unsurpassable letter of introduction in their pocket: “ Blank Unstaring Heirs Of Doom. It had the privilege of being the first number on Gnomonsong, the label created by Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic ( Vetiver). Fast forwards, and the young Jana Hunter has swapped Texas for Baltimore, and her one-woman bet on concise and intimate lo-fi folk, minimalist structures and slow and tardy circular developments has given way to a full band that is about to see its debut album released. Hunter is the most visible member of Lower Dens, a combo that sits halfway between less cheerful new wave, narcotic drone pop and post-punk anxiety. Their first collection of songs, recorded with the help of Chris Freeland (ex- Oxes), mixed by Chris Coady, and mastered by Sarah Register (half of Talk Normal), will be released on 20th July on the Gnomonsong.

Lower Dens - “Twin-Hand Movement”01. Blue & Silver 02. Tea Lights 03. A Dog's Dick 04. Holy Water 05. I Get Nervous 06. Completely Golden 07. Plastic & Powder 08. Rosie 09. Truss Me 10. Hospice Gates 11. Two Cocks

Lower Dens . Tea Lights.mp3

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