Loney Dear

New album with orchestral doses

Loney Dear  “Hall Music

Loney Dear, alias Emil Svanagen, has his fifth studio album “Hall Music” ready. Polyvinyl (in the USA) and Something In Construction (in Europa) will release it on 4th October. Word has it, that the recordings started late 2009 - after Svanagen returned from a tour in America and started preparing a series of concerts with a chamber orchestra in his home country. The musician had to rearrange his old material for the new format and the experience led him to create a more expansive album; on which organic pop merges with synthetic timbres and tasty, mostly dreamy orchestral arrangements. On “Hall Music” church bells mix with horns, acoustic guitars and analogue keyboards. As a first advance track, you can get “My Heart” here .

Loneydearsongs by Something InConstruction

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