Lia Ices

A growing enigma

Lia Ices Lia Ices could be deemed a typical songwriter occupying a place within that stylistic corset that associates guitar-cum-voice solo projects with the umpteenth reinvention of bygone frugal, acoustic folk. But there’s something in her pronunciation and in the peaks and valleys of her songs that sets her apart from the new bohemians and renovators of rustic folk. The voice of this Brooklyn-based young songwriter gives off an oneiric breath which invites us to mistake the past (memories) with a possible future (imaginary projections). Lia’s music is reinforced by arrangements which tend towards unexpected turns; it’s more nourished, articulated and flexible than that of most of it’s contemporaries, bringing folk’s imagery closer to experimental pop which flirts with the classic world. Those attributes were enough to convince Jagjaguwar to release “Grown Unknown”. Lia Ices’ album, recorded at Clubhouse (Rhinebeck) and mixed at New York’s Rare Book Room, will see the light of day on 25th January 2011. While awaiting it’s arrival, Jagjaguwar offer us “Daphne”, a song Lia shares with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver.

Lia Ices - “Grown Unknown”A. Love is Won Daphne Little Marriage Bag of Wind

B. Grown Unknown After is Always Before Ice Wine Lilac New Myth

Lia Ices ft. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver - “Daphne”

Lia Ices - “Grown Unknown”

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