Leyland Kirby

“Eager To Tear Apart the Stars” in October

Leyland Kirby - Eager To Tear Apart the Stars James Leyland Kirby is announcing a new album for October, this time under his own name. As he stated last spring, this year is one of the most productive so far in the career of the man formerly known as V/Vm. Apart from the four episodes of his series “Intrigue & Stuff” (to be released so far), this year will bring us two albums by The Caretaker (the first of which, “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”, was released in June) and another one by Leyland Kirby. The latter is called “Eager To Tear Apart the Stars” and will be released on 3rd October, on History Always Favours The Winners. The album, a new work exploring the field of windy ambient with false pianos and sampled strings, is a collection of six track, in the words of the label, “echoing and refracting the maverick solo synth classics of Roedelius and Harold Budd, but with a temporal warping and sense of decayed decadence individual to Kirby's oeuvre. There's an ostensible sadness to these six pieces, but of a life-affirming and subtly ambiguous kind.” The sleeve art is by Ivan Seal. leyland kirby - eager to tear apart the stars (album preview)

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