Leyland Kirby

Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2

Leyland Kirby - “Intrigue & Stuff Vol.2”

The unclassifiable (and that’s a compliment) Leyland Kirby has the second part of his series “Intrigue & Stuff” ready. Compared to the first chapter this 12” features some calmer and more taciturn moods, though inevitably these are still rooted in the solipsist vision of the British iconoclast. Consisting of three long pieces dominated by complex and ultra-dense ambient passages, the record presents a kind of dark and almost diabolical version of new age. Out-of-focus textures, a dreamy pulse and a cosmic feel comprise a record that will appeal to those who love atypical kinds of music. It’s already available on History Always Favours The Winners as a vinyl LP limited to 500 copies. If you’re quick you might even get one of the copies on transparent vinyl.

Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1 (album preview) by experimedia

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