Leyland Kirby

Presents “Intrigue & Stuff”

Leyland Kirby   “Intrigue & Stuff”

A year and a half after the ambitious “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was” (HAFTW, 2009), Briton Leyland Kirby is back. Under his moniker ' The Caretaker', Kirby has created the soundtrack to “Patience”, a new Grant Gee film described as “a filmic essay”. The score will be released later this year, by History Always Favours The Winners, Kirby’s own label. Before that, there will be a new studio album by The Caretaker (of which no details so far are known), plus “Intrigue & Stuff”, another new effort signed as Leyland Kirby, to be released on four separate 12” records over the course of this year. The first of the promising three albums is already available, here. Judging from the six tracks on “ Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1” ( “six electronic phrenotypics,” in the words of their author), the material included is very different from the releases of Leyland Kirby to date.

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