Leo Zero

Strut presents Disconnect

Leo ZeroThe reputed label Strut has been associated with the !K7 group since it was founded in 2008, and has just now announced a new compilation saga. The series is called “Disconnect”and seeks to shed some light on the darker corners of a DJ’s record case, those personal favourites that for whatever reason (aesthetic incompatibility, absence of new stuff, fear of spooking an audience who are hungry for straightforward dance rhythms) never get played out during sessions. British Leo Elstob (alias Leo Zero), a veteran selector with eclectic taste who has in the past been a member of projects like A Mountain Of One, has signed his name to the first volume of the series. The album, an alluring jumble of reggae-dub, afrobeat, proto-punk, kraut-rock and disco music, will hit retailers on 22nd November. The tracklist is below.

Leo zero - “Disconnect”01. Desmond & the Tutus - Kiss You On the Cheek 02. Ritual - Sore Lip 03. Kabbala - Ashewo Ara 04. The Piranhas - Vi Gela Gela 05. Essential Logic - Brute Fury 06. Basement 5 - Silicon Chip (Extended Edit) 07. The Dread Flimstone Sound - Ghetto Life 08. Wunmi - Message in a Bottle 09. Chris & Cosey - Exotica (1988 Remix) 10. Propoganda - Frozen Faces (12-inch mix) 11. Indambinigi - Zimba 12. The Unknown Cases - Masimba Bele 13. George G - Hot Lovers 14. Can - Halleluwah 15. Richy B Melodia - Keep It Moving On 16. Brian Eno & John Cale - Spinning Away 17. The Countach - My Oasis*Digital Only: Traks - Wild Safari

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