Gives you “The Teac Life”

Danny Wolfers continues with his unstoppable production rhythm. Hardly five months after the release of his album as Nacho Patrol on M Division, the Dutchman comes up with a new effort under his main moniker, Legowelt. The record is called “The Teac Life” and holds 14 tracks of “deep tape saturated forest-techno tracks” (or, in his own words: “Raw as fuck autistic Star Trek 1987- Misty Forests- X-FILES,- DETROIT unicorn futurism”) recorded with a string of “cheap ass digital & analog crap synthesizers” in his bedroom, directly to tape through a TEAC VHX recorder (hence, the title). You can download the album for free on the Legowelt website. However, unlike many of the releases that can be found on the web for free these days, it's not a collection of discarded tracks or alternate versions - but a proper album, on which Wolfers explores the rawest form of sci-fi techno. As he says in the press release, music that eludes “that boooooooooooring contemporary shit they call techno nowadays with overrated talentless pretentious douchebag cunt DJs playing a few half-assed dumb mongo beats and being all arty fartsy about it” in search of some sounds which – above all - sound incredibly alive. Feed your hard drive by clicking here - and if you like it, you can make a donation so Danny can get his Juno 106 fixed. It was lost in combat during the recording of this work.

Legowelt - Half Moon 106 by BlankTapesAreHungryGhosts

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