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Lazer Sword Antaeus Roy (aka Lando Kal) and Bryant Rutledge (aka Low Limit) have set a date for their coming out as Lazer Sword. They themselves made the announcement yesterday, on their blog. To complete their brew of futurist hip-hop, wonky beats, electro and house, this pair of Californian beatsmiths have called upon Turf Talk, M.Sayyid ( Anti-Pop Consortium), Myka 9 for Zackey Force Funk for vocal duties, for the seasoning of a record that will be released on the L.A. label Innovative Leisure. The record will be out on 2nd November as a double LP in a four-part sleeve designed and illustrated with care by Kilian Eng from DW Design. Before that, around mid-October, there will be a new 12” including two originals – “Batman” and “I'm Gone” (the latter will not be included on the album) – and remixes by Nguzunguzu, Rustie and Lando Kal and Low Limit. Lazer Sword - “Lazer Sword”01.Tar 02. Agrokrag 03. Surf News 04. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk 05. Batman 06. Topflights ft. M Sayyid 07. 4Loko 08. Machine ft. Zackey Force Funk 09. Web Swag 10. Skybox 11. Def Work 12. FUBU 13. Owl Tats 14. Cosmic Ride ft. Myka Nyne 15. Beast’s Reprise Photo by Beryl Fine.

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