The Lone Path

LHFThree months after putting out their surprising debut album, LHF announce the release of a second EP for Keysound Recordings, the label run by Martin Clark (a.k.a. Blackdawn). A collective affair of diffuse contours (there you’ll find Amen Ra, Double Helix, Low Density Matter, No Fixed Abode, Solar Man, Escobar and Octaviour, though identities are less important here than the outcome of their collective mission), LHF have bet again on the creation of a personal, autonomous sound universe, summoning up the memories of breakbeat rave, ragga jungle and the first dubstep (think of DMZ’s first period) on four new, cinematic and obscurantist cuts crossed by a dark omens and energies. Listen to the tracks below. The EP is called “ EP2: The Line Path” and will hit stores at the beginning of November.


LHF - “EP2:The Line Path”A1. Double Helix - Chamber of Light A2. Double Helix - Bass 2 Dark B1. Amen Ra - Candy Rain B2. Amen Ra - Trifle

LHF - “EP2:The Line Path” (preview)


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