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Goodbye gig on YouTube

LCD Soundsystem  Goodbye gig on YouTube 2nd April 2011 will be remembered as the day that LCD Soundsystem voluntarily said goodbye to a brilliant career. From now on, James Murphy and his buddies will spend their time otherwise, but, as was to be expected, their final show, which was almost four hours long, was a true display of power. If you weren’t among the lucky ones at the Madison Square Garden, you can watch everything on your computer.

They promised there would be guest appearances, and we got them, especially in the second part of the concert with the better part of “45:33” (2006, DFA) alongside The Juan McLean and Shit Robot, plus a brass section. But even with the participation of many of the DFA artists, it was Arcade Fire who stole the show as soon as they appeared on stage to sing the chorus to “North American Scum”.

The night, which ended with a sea of white balloons and James Murphy almost crying during “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”, was a real orgy of hits (except “One Touch”) and cover versions. The tracklist alone gives us goose bumps.

The recording made by Pitchfork is now available on YouTube. For now, there’s no news about a possible future official release of the show. But at least now thousands of people can see what happened during one of the most transcendental musical events of 2011 so far. LCD Soundsystem, we’ll miss you. Thanks for everything.

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