LCD Soundsystem

Life After ?This Is Happening?

LCD SoundsystemThe possible of end of LCD Soundsystem has been a consistent rumour since the end of 2008. The worst seemed to be confirmed when, on the eve of the release of “This Is Happening”(DFA/EMI, 2010), James Murphy emphasized in more than one interview that this would be the last LCD Soundsystem album. However, in his latest declarations, Murphy’s vision in respect to the future of the project seems to have changed. In July, the New Yorker told Exclaim that, although his intention was to slow down the rhythm of this work, LCD Soundsystem isn’t going to disappear completely. What he doesn’t want, he said, was to fall into the routine of a “professional musician,” trapped by the eternal cycle of record-promote-tour. He wants to be able to devote his time from now on to other types of projects (producing the work of others, running DFA , releasing singles every now and again along with his friends, and organizing a big festival in New York). In a recent interview with The Quietus, Murphy insisted that continuing with LCD Soundsystem, a new album could be possible at the right time. “We’ll still make some music, but playing together is such an Herculean thing because everyone lives in different parts of the world and has lives. But we’ll still be making LCD Soundsystem music and stuff; we just need to go back and have it be a part of our lives rather than our whole lives […] We’ll do some 12”s and things like that. I just need to get away from it being a big thing […] Yeah, I'll still do music. We might even make an album. I’m just getting off of the professional album making train.” So, now you see. It looks like there is life after “This Is Happening” for LCD Soundystem after all.

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