L-Vis 1990

“Neon Dreams” debut album

L-Vis 1990 – Neon Dreams

After a string of splendid singles, James Connolly aka L-Vis 1990 has his debut album ready, and “Neon Dreams” appears to be quite an ambitious effort. As its creator explains, it’s a work made looking in the mirror of great albums by Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers – all projects that transcended their present day dance music scene and crossed over to rock. Despite of his underground trajectory, the Night Slugs co-founder admits that those were the artists who pushed him to discover electronic music, years back. So it’s no surprise that for his first album, Connolly looked to the power and magic of those works. His intention was to deliver a record that, like the ones mentioned, “take you on a trip”. Made entirely with a TR-707 and a variety of classic synths, the album is full of tracks on which, in the wake of his “Forever You”, the vocals play an essential part. He asked vocalists like Corey Black, Javeon McCarthy and Samantha Lin to collaborate. “Neon Dreams” will be in stores on 26th September, on PMR Records/Island.

L-VIS 1990 - Forever You (ft. Shadz) by SimR

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