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Blowing ?O?s with a spliff

Kurt VileYou can find both a recipe for a good Kaeng Kheow Wan Gai (Thai green chicken curry) and news about the new album by Kurt Vile, for the Matador blog is that varied during the holiday season. Although earlier there was talk of (last) Autumn as a tentative release date, the Philly troubadour’s new long player will now be out on 8th March. The delay is apparently due to the perfectionist nature of the artist, who is moving ever further away from lo-fi territories. This time, Vile has worked alongside veteran producer John Agnello on ten songs, which, according to Matador, promise to be more powerful and focussed. Contrary to previous efforts (which produced more self-sufficient work at home) “Smoke Ring For My Halo” was recorded in various studios in New York, Hoboken and Philadelphia. The result is Vile’s most ambitious work to date; it also best represents the man’s versatility and ability to unite elements from very different origins within songs that move around in the margins of psych-folk, classic pop and evocative, acidic rock. As a preview of the album, you can download “In My Time”, a track released by Matador as a single at the start of November.

Kurt Vile - “Smoke Ring For My Halo”

A side: 01. Baby’s Arms02. Jesus Fever03. Puppet To The Man04. On Tour05. Society Is My Friend

B side:01. Runner Ups02. In My Time03. Peeping Tomboy04. Smoke Ring For My Halo05. Ghost Town

Kurt Vile . In My Time.mp3

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