Planet Mu announces “Severant”

Kuedo – Severant As you'll probably know, Kuedo is the project of Jamie Teasdale, formerly one half of Vex'd. On his own, the Briton explores his more escapist and dreamy side. After two wonderful EPs on Planet Mu, Jamie will release his debut album - “Severant” - in October, via Mike Paradinas' label. Far from the darkness and oppression of his project with Roly Porter, on this album the centre stage is taken by radiant landscapes built with an amalgamation of retro-futurist synths, reminiscent of the music of synthesiser gods like Vangelis. It's no surprise the Greek composer gets a mention as one of the main influences for this work; what is surprising though is the other reference to pinpoint the album – according to Teasdale himself, it's “cocaine rap”. If you see the link, let us know. “Severant” contains fifteen sumptuous melancholic tracks, recorded using direct techniques in order to preserve the force of the original ideas and avoid the dangers of over-production. You can listen to excerpts of the album and pre-order it following this link. Dream Sequence EP by Kuedo

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