Turning the page with “Videowave”

Kuedo “Videowave”

Jamie Teasdale aka Jamie Vex'd has a new EP ready under the moniker Kuedo, for Planet Mu. The record will be out on 4th July, featuring five tracks that will sound familiar to those who know his previous work for Mike Paradinas’ label. “Videowave E.P.” contains remixes and remakes of older efforts, thus closing a creative cycle for the producer and summing up, in a way, the best of his work of the past two years. What’s this page turning, this changing “eras”, all about? Apparently, Kuedo has his debut album already lined up, which will supposedly mark a so far unspecified change of styles. Before the album is released, we can enjoy this addendum to the work of the “old Kuedo”.

You can already listen to the release on the label website, where you can also pre-order it.Planet Mu are also hosting a party this Saturday 7th May at Corsica Studios joined by the label’s top artists, click the link for tickets and info.

Kuedo - Starfox

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