Miasmah announces “Grimoire”

Kreng - Grimoire Belgian experimental musician Pepijn Caudron, alias Kreng, is about to release his second album on Miasmah. It’s called “Grimoire” and will be out in June. Although that’s the last bit of info we received (no tracklist, no press release as of yet), we know that it’s an album on which, like its predecessor, neo-classical ingredients are mixed with oppressive jazz, drones and film noir soundtrack music. All that, from an adventurous and daring viewpoint, making up for a sound that finds coherence in its own idiosyncrasy and which, most of all, is as personal and unique to this never resting sonic investigator as always. For now, we’ll have to make do with the advance track “Wrak”. More details when they come out.

Kreng - Grimoire (outtake) by miasmah

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