Benefit compilation for Japan

Kompakt Benefit Compilation for Japan

The Kompakt family joins the international support movement for the reconstruction of Japan. The Cologne label, apart from being a label, is a powerful distributor, who now present a compilation featuring tracks from many of the labels they work with. 34 tracks in total, selected by labels like Ostgut Ton, Freude Am Tanzen, Bpitch Control, Dial, Kompakt and Comeme, among others. As could be expected, the range of styles is wide: on “Kompakt Benefit Compilation for Japan” you’ll find anything from narcotic ambient to Berlin techno, New York new disco and all kinds of experimentations. There are several ways of getting the compilation (only available as a download), but Kompakt recommends buying it via Other Music or Bandcamp. That way, 100% of all revenues will go to the Red Cross Society Of Japan.

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