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Koen HoltkampMaybe you know Brooklynite Koen Holtkamp as the boss of Apestaartje (the label is on hiatus and it doesn’t look like they’ll be back in activity any time soon) and partner of Brendon Anderegg in Mountains, abstract electro-acoustic vehicle for microscopic ambient-laptop-folk. Mountains joined the Thrill Jockey army last year with “Choral” and at the end of autumn that same label will release “Gravity/Bees”, the third chapter of a discography, by Holtkamp solo and under his own name (he also releases music under the Aero moniker), which previously brought us titles on A Room Forever and Type. The central idea of this new recording was to combine the various approximations of the live set and studio work, using both old and new materials and substituting the digitally processed stuff (the world Holtkamp is coming from) with the manipulation of modular analogue equipment, to which –conveniently processed– acoustic guitars, electric organ, small percussion, field recordings (the resounding buzz of a bee colony) and even crystal glasses are added. Two long pieces are divided over the two side of a mini-album that will be released on vinyl only and in a limited run of 1,000 copies, on 2ndNovember.

Koen Holtkamp - “Gravity/Bees”01. In the Absence of Gravity Please Note the Position of the Sun02. Loosely Based on Bees

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