Black Sun in April

Kode9At Hyperdub HQ there’s no time for nostalgia. It’s great to look back on a job done, but it’s better if that overview comes with prospects for the future. Head honcho Steve Goodman, alias Kode9, took the opportunity in his last newsletter of 2010 to announce, above all, the things that lie ahead. On 24th January, the first EP on Hyperdub by beatmaker Morgan Zarate, aka Morgan Spacek, will arrive. According to Goodman there will be three cuts on the EP, which "steps up in tempo, and [where] the influence on his music of grime and dubstep shines through", as opposed to the abstract hip-hop and R&B strains Zarate usually produces. Reference number HDB049 will be signed by Funkystepz, the London collective who’ve already let themselves be heard with their personal version of UK Funky. Their EP “Fuller/Hurricane Riddim” will be in stores in mid-February. And to round off a first part of what promises to be an exciting year, April will see the release of “Black Sun”, the much-awaited second album by Kode9 himself, once again in the company of The Spaceape. More details soon.

Update! Check the album's tracklist below.

Kode9 & The Spaceape – "Black Sun"01. Black Smoke (feat. Cha Cha)02. Promises03. Bullet Against Bone04. Green Sun05. The Cure (feat. Cha Cha)06. Hole in the Sky07. Otherman08. Love Is the Drug (feat. Cha Cha)09. Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Mix)10. Neon Red Sign (feat. Cha Cha)11. Am I12. Kryon (feat. Flying Lotus)


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