Serenades & Serinettes

KlimaBy a paradox of fate, the chanteuse Angèle David-Guillou, a.k.a. Klima, is known more for her role in another band (almost her band, as she’s collaborated in several Piano Magic albums) than for her own material. Klima has been releasing references for a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she put out her debut album. “Klima” (Peacefrog, 2007) was an evocative collection of precious postcards combining strange textures and faintly electronic rhythms with acoustic timbres (percussions by Lou Ciccotelli, from Laikam and Eardrum, and guitars played by Christophe Rosin) and string arrangements (provided by Gwen Cheeseman from Psapp), elements used with great care to weave the net on which Angèle’s fragile yet captivating voice rested.

Three years later, Klima presents “Serenades & Serinettes”, a second full-length recording featuring contributions by Glen Johnson and Jerome Tcherneyan (both from Piano Magic), and David Sheppard and Keiron Phelan (from Phelan Sheppard or State River Widening). Acoustic instruments and orchestrations, analogical synths and abundant percussion are again used to build songs whose shining centre is the seductive and yearning voice of Angèle.

The album will hit retailers on 22nd November via Second Language. If you’re subscribed to the label’s mailing list, you’ll also get a limited edition score of the song “By My Side”.

Klima - “Serenades & Serinettes” 01. French Mittens 02. By My Side 03. I Will Remember You 04. Papillon de Nuit 05. Father 06. In My Room 07. Sing To Me 08. Things Get Better With Time 09. Sylvia 10. Orffans 11. Bottomless Sea


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