Surfing the Void

KlaxonsFor those with a short memory for cultural happenings, Klaxons finished the follow up album to the celebrated Myths of the Near Future (2007) over a year ago, in Spring of 2009. So what happened? Polydor execs told the band they weren’t going to release the record because it was too experimental and underwhelming for a band with such a pop profile. Taking their suggestions to heart, Jamie Reynolds and co. scrapped the sessions recorded with James Ford ( Simian Mobile Disco), and went to Los Angeles to re-record with the help of Ross Robinson (a name you’ll find credited on records by Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and other nu-metal big guns) a clutch of tracks to which Polydor has given its seal of approval.

Klaxons’ second album will be titled “Surfing the Void” and will be released on 23rd August. The first single “ Echoes” will be available from the 16th June.

Klaxons - “Surfing the Void”

01. Echoes 02. The Same Space 03. Surfing the Void 04. Valley of the Calm Trees 05. Venusia 06. Extra Astronomical 07. Twin Flames 08. Flashover 09. Future Memories 10. Cypherspeed

Klaxons - Flashover


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