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KissesTwo singles—“ Bermuda” and “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things”—have been enough for Californian band Kisses (formed by Jesse Kivel, who’s also in Princeton, and Zinzi Edmunson, his partner in and outside the recording studio) to conquer the hearts of the pop blogosphere in five short months. Now they’ve captured our attention, Kisses are ready to release their debut album in a more official way: it’s called “The Heart Of The Nighlife” and further develops their pop formula within a panoramic frame, with space for both summery indie-pop songs with a retro aftertaste and synth-driven, yearning pop which flirt with disco music’s dance impulses. The album will be released by This Is Music on 11th October.

Kisses - “In The Heart Of The Nightlife”01. Kisses02. Bermuda03. People Can Do The Most Amazing Things04. On The Move05. The Heart Of The Nightlife06. Lovers07. A Weekend In Brooklyn08. Midnight Lover09. Women Of The ClubKisses - “Bermuda”

Kisses - “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things”


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