King Cannibal

Remembering the way of the Ninja

King CannibalDid you think that magnum box set titled “Ninja Tune XX: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces” would put an end to the anniversary festivities of Ninja Tune? Well, think again. Just as their parties will be going on until the end of November, we can also expect more surprises and extravagances regarding releases. Although information on the subject is scarce for now, the London label has just announced the release in November of “Ninja Tune XX presents King Cannibal - The Way Of The Ninja”. It’s the title of a collective album which, judging from the vast tracklist, can only be understood as a work of craftsmanship in the field of micro-edition. Dylan Richards, a producer halfway between sombre dubstep, digi-dancehall and industrial drum’n’bass who operates under the moniker King Cannibal, has collected exactly 256 tracks, all taken from the Ninja Tune catalogue, on a mix album that will be made available digitally (MP3 or WAV) and on CD. The tracklist is so big we can’t even paste it here, so head over to Ninja Tune to check out his personal trip through 20 years of label history.

King Cannibal - Flower of Flesh and Blood

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