Kenton Slash Demon

The Schwarzchild Solution

Kenton Slash DemonThe Danish band Kenton Slash Demon (Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer) put out “Sun” as the first release of their particular trilogy, “The Schwarzschild Solution”. We must admit this promotional trick has turned out just fine because they’ve managed to make us feel eager to listen to their third release. But beyond any promotion strategy, what has upped our interest in them are tracks like “Sun” or “Matter”, which linger at the juncture of electrohouse, burnished tech-house and a hypnotic, subtle trance with highly inebriating effects. The third release of the “The Schwarzschild Solution” trilogy will hit retailers at the beginning of February via Tartelet. The EP is titled “Daemon” and features Jon Philpot (a member of Bear In Heaven) and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (a member, along with Kenton and Moldenhawer, of the band When Saints Go Machine). First listens available soon.

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