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Raster-Noton announces “OR”

Kanding Ray - “OR” His previous EP for Raster-Noton, “Pruitt Igoe”, showed us a different Kangding Ray, leaving behind the zone where abstract digitalism, ambient and pop (his natural domain on “Stabil” from 2006 and “Automne Fold” from 2008, his two albums until then) to investigate the possibilities of the 4/4 rhythm with avant-techno. “OR” (“O” in English, “ORO” in French), his upcoming album on the Chemnitz-based label, continues that line. The new record by Frenchman David Letellier is trying to break the boundaries between experimental avant-garde and contemporary bass music, with one foot in the home studio and the other one in the more sonically adventurous clubs. The album is presented as a politically inspired work, a reflection of the disappointments of modern society, while it starts a period of positive reflection to try to turn the crisis into a creative state. Just as Letellier understood the experience of Pruitt Iggoe (the urban experience that gave the EP its title) as a “metaphor for our era, where the feeling of imbalance and doubt has replaced the certainty of eternal progress and endless economical growth,” the title “OR” (gold, the only chemical element that seems to keep its value consistently) refers to “the cult of endless consumption and the absurdity of fluctuating currency valuations.” Among the guests on the album are Ben Frost, Rose Tizane Merrill (reciting “Monsters”, the anarchist poem) and Magne Mostue (words and vocals on “Coracoid Process” and the vocal version of “Pruitt Igoe”). The album will be out on 23rd May. Kangding Ray - Pruitt Igoe (Rise) Kangding Ray - Pruitt Igoe (Ben Frost Demolition)

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