Julianna Barwick

The echoes of magic places

Julianna BarwickAbout five years ago, loop pedals started to revolutionise the way many artists made and presented their music. Suddenly it was no longer necessary to have a band or to use pre-recorded material for the construction of complex structures on stage. Many artists have since incorporated loop stations in their stage setting. Fewer have used those pedals as a way to create acapellas, simply using the voice. Which is exactly what Julianna Barwick has been doing since the mid-noughties: creating mantras of weightless ambient pop through layers and layers of her own voice. After two self-released records, Barwick has found a home at Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens’ label. The imprint will release “The Magic Place”, an album which will, this time, feature minimal instrumentation adorning Barwick’s voice. Out on 22nd February.

Julianna Barwick - “The Magic Place”01. Envelop 02. Keep Up the Good Work 03. The Magic Place 04. Cloak 05. White Flag 06. Vow 07. Bob in Your Gait 08. Prizewinning 09. Flown

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