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Wonk is my spesh

Jules ChazSomething new is cooking at the Canadian beatsmith Jules Chaz’s lab that has made Wagon Repair, a label that historically has been interested in four to the floor club music, sit up and look. At the end of the summer, his abstract beats with hip-hop flavours will join a catalogue that includes Matthew Johnson, Adam Beyer, Conrad Black and Minilogue. In fact, the relationship is not a new one: Chaz has been the tour DJ at Cobblestone Jazz’s live shows, a music team that he’s been sharing rehearsal studios with for quite some time now. His connection is set to extend further when Wagon Repair release “Toppings”, a collection of 21 instrumental tracks where Chaz professes his love of wonky beatmaking, Jamaican cadences and Indian folk timbres. Danuel Tate (keyboard player from Cobblestone Jazz) and the Canadian MC Ishkan are featured in an album that you’ll be able to get hold of in the shops from 14th September. Jules Chazz - “Toppings”

01. Hey.... 02. 93 Million Miles 03. Yes I Do feat. Danuel Tate 04. Teerash 05. Could Happen feat. Ishkan 06. Clap 07. Blak Lodge 08. Smile (It's U) 09. The La 10. Whipits 11. Say Sumthin... 12. Break 13. Bewdley B. Chaz 14. A Pariah 15. Liteball 16. Big Room 17. Invisible Glasses 18. Ludes... 19. Realaxing 20. Winter Pieces 21. Red Eye (Likkle Mo....)

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