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Joy Orbison Piotr NiepsujHe's only released three EPs, but it feels like Joy Orbison have been around for half our lives. This paradox in time perception is one of the consequences of the incredible “Hyph Mngo” that overnight turned Peter O’Grady into a serious candidate for the new wonder boy of the post-garage electronic underground. To top off 2010, less intense that the previous one, O’Grady has just released the second reference on his label Doldrums. Like the first one, it’s signed by Joy Orbison, though this time around he has used the acronym J.O. On the 12”, already available in stores, there’s room for two cuts, “ BB” and “Ladywell”, more influenced than usual by Chicago and Detroit house. Listen to fragments of both songs at Honest Jons online store.

J.O. - “BB/Ladywell”A. BBB. Ladywell

This isn’t the only thing that is going on at Doldrums. Yesterday, the label released it’s third reference, a 12” signed by Braiden that comes with a video you can watch below these lines. The EP’s B-side features a refix by Kassem Mosse. The family is growing.

Picture by Piotr Niepsuj.

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