Joy Division

- + (plus minus)

Joy DivisionEvery year at this point, the cult of the Retro Necro takes over the calendar of releases of many labels. And as far as fevers of recovery, constant exhumations and apparently bottomless archives go, few bands are capable of competing with Manchester’s Joy Division’s ability to whet the appetite of collectors.

Now it’s time to start buying Christmas presents, Rhino is releasing “- + (plus minus)”, a numbered and limited edition box set (5,000 copies total) gathering ten 7”s (including “Transmission” and “ Love Will Tear Us Apart”, replicas of the original singles, along with other ones especially produced for the occasion) in a case designed by Peter Saville, co-founder of Factory Records and the brain behind the graphic arts of the Manchester-based label. Jon Savage, the reputed music writer and journalist, has selected the 20 tracks featured on “- +”. All the songs have been conveniently remastered by Stephen Morris and Fran Arkwright using original tapes. The box will be released on 6th December. For hardcore collectors, there are 500 copies of a super-deluxe version of “- +”. For £25 more, you get the ten 7”s plus a piece of artwork signed by Saville and two CDs containing the same 20 tracks featured on the singles. Pre-order here.

Joy Division - “- + (plus minus)”01. Warsaw/Leaders of Men02. No Love Lost/Failures03. Digital/Glass04. Autosuggestion/From Safety To Where05. Transmission/Novelty06. Atmosphere/Dead Souls07. Komakino/Incubation/As You Said08. Love Will Tear Us Apart/These Days09. She’s Lost Control (12” version)/Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version)10. Isolation/Heart And Soul

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