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JonsiAfter the acoustic portrait (we’re referring to “Go Quiet”, the DVD made by Dean Deblois that showed Jónsi at home in Reikiavik interpreting some of the songs featured on his acoustic solo debut album), here comes a great colourist mural, in the form of a live album. Judging by the talent and state-of-the-art technology on show during the “Go” (XL, 2010) tour, we understand Sigur Rós’ singer wants to provide documentary proof of the celebrated tour, begun in 6th April in Vancouver, that will last until the end of the year.

“Go Live” will be released on CD and DVD on 29th November, and will include audios of the shows Jónsi and his band presented on 29th May at Brussels’ Ancienne Belgique and on 14th September at Brighton’s The Dome, as well as images of the last general rehearsal before the beginning of the tour, on 26th March at London’s 3 Mill Studios a rehearsal to an audience of a few lucky observers. To lure staunch collectors to the album, the tracklist includes 5 previously unreleased tracks ( “Icicle Sleeves”, “Stars in Still Water”, “Saint Naive”, “New Piano Song”and “Volume Pedal Song”), along with other exclusive material such as some interludes and a new version of “Sticks & Stones”, a song Jónsi wrote for the score of the film “How to Train Your Dragon”.

The album comes in a beautifully conceived package, including a 16-page book with photographs taken during the tour by the band’s members. Available only on Pre-orders accepted. Jónsi - “Go Live” CD:01. Stars in Still Water *02. Hengilás03. Icicle Sleeves04. Lolniður05. Tornado06. Sinking Friendships07. Saint Naive08. Go Do09. Boy Lilikoi10. Animal Arithmetic11. New Piano Song *12. Around Us13. Sticks & Stones *14. Grow Till Tall

DVD01. Hengilás02. Icicle Sleeves03. Kolniður04. Tornado05. Sinking Friendships06. Go Do07. Boy Lilikoi08. New Piano Song09. Around Us10. Volume Pedal Song11. Grow Till Tall

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