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Jonsi “Sigur Rós is precious, but his solo stuff, it’s something outstanding- he lets his freak flag fly”. Words from a Spin correspondent who attended one of the four shows which Jónsi and his band performed in American soil at the beginning of May. By “freak” we should read theatrical, brash, baroque, close to a circus, attributes that until now, nobody will have tagged to Jón Þór Birgisson, who is considered a shy character. Nothing had prepared us for such a colourful, dramatic, strangely euphoric and expansive album as “Go”, but Jónsi himself mentioned a few months back that his debut album is in great measure the result of “something that, at some point, exploded”.

Such a high calibre recording, deserves a unique show, and Jónsi in collaboration with Fifty Nine Productions (a space and image design team who create some of the most prestigious theatre plays and operas) have dedicated several months to transform a pop concert into a grand lyrical fantasy experience.

The stage structure of Jónsi’s show, which will be landing very soon in Barcelona at Sónar on June 19th, it’s based on the burned remains of a taxidermic shop where animals come alive and start a journey to new lands. Sometimes closer to the operatic, musical theatre or an art installation than a live gig, Jónsi’s performances fuse scenography, images, lighting and sound to offer what everyone agrees is a unique experience. Jónsi’s European tour kicks off on May the 26th in London. From there, the “angel” has confirmed dates all over the world until the end of the year. If you want to know more about the acclaimed show, you only need to watch the “making of” spread into four parts below. If anyone has any doubts that Jónsi’s live show at Sónar is going to be something really special, just watch.

Jónsi will be at the forthcoming Sónar. Get your tickets here.

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