Jon Convex

“Convexations EP” on 3024

Jon Convex  “Convexations EP”

Insta:mental are on fire. Apart from having released “Resolution653” (Nonplus, 2011), the duo’s magnificent debut album, the two members are also in top shape with their parallel projects. While Boddika doesn’t stop releasing brilliant EPs and remixes, now it’s Damon Kirkham, alias Jon Convex, who’s announcing a solo release. The Briton kick-starts his solo project with an EP on 3024, Martyn and Erosie’s label. It’s called “Convexations EP” and features 3 compositions that move between apocalyptic electro, sweet 2-step with organic basslines and acid-like warehouse techno. Three colossal songs that are proof of the excellent creative moment Kirkham is going through. The EP will be in stores on 13th June. Listen to it after the jump.

3024-014 Jon Convex - Convexations EP by 3024world

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